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I suffered a loss. My mother passed. I reached out to Michelle about any lease obligations. She was quick to respond and expressed her condolences. My mother has lived at your community since spring of 2018. I have found the property and management to be well maintained and friendly. 

Unfortunately a family member decided to get involved behind my back. My sister Gina Battani has not been involved with my mother for 5 plus years.  For me it’s been close to 4 years. Death brings families together but not always for the better. I am not sure of all the details involved with her conversation with Michelle. I do know that Gina attempted to get information about a resident. As far as I am concerned , Michelle should be commended for her ability to uphold the privacy of your residents. She was not intimidated  into breaking policy. Doing the right thing doesn’t always mean pleasing everyone. My sisters retaliation was uncalled for and for that I am truly sorry. 

The unkind, unsubstantiated complaint only shows the integrity displayed by Michelle when put in such a situation. 

Thank you. 

My Name is Sandra Rouse and I have lived at the Christ the King Senior Housing Phase I since May of 2012. This has been a great place to live with very friendly neighbors. I feel very secure and safe. We have 1 and 2 Bedroom apartments and each apartment has its washer and dryer. there are 2 community rooms, and exercise rooms and each apartment has its storage unit and I have made use of all of the things. We have a wonderful maintenance people and our Housing Manager, Michelle  Miller, is always trying to come up with activities to get us all involved. Speaking of activities here are just a few: Puzzles, card parties, board games, coffee and donuts, movie Tuesday, potlucks, and a great Christmas party. I have participated in all of these and have enjoyed all of them.  So I'll close the way I began, this has been a great place to live!!


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